The Best Foods for Hepatitis C

LET’S GET THE hard stuff out of the way first: Hepatitis C (also known as HCV) is a major bummer for your liver. This virus causes inflammation that can thicken its walls, making it tougher for your liver to do its detoxing job.

But you can bounce back by taking medication prescribed by your doc—it lowers inflammation levels as it takes on the virus—and by eating the right foods that help those meds be even more effective. Heck, even if you don’t have HCV, showing your liver some love through what you eat and drink can be a great way to get healthy.


Let’s kick off with some good news: Coffee is protective of the liver, says Donese Worden, N.M.D., a naturopathic medical doctor in Scottsdale, AZ, who is also licensed in clinical nutrition, noting that in some studies, people who drank the most coffee—even decaf!—were about 40% less likely to have elevated liver enzymes, an indicator of that troublesome inflammation.

Plus, a review published in 2017 suggested coffee may even reduce the ability of the Hepatitis C virus to replicate. Of course, try to limit consumption to an amount that lets you sleep well, but in general, enjoy a cup (or three) of joe in good health.

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