16 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Avoid!

1. Fizzy Beverages

Fizzy Beverages Cancer Causing Food

Soft drinks, carbonated beverages and all liquids containing artificial coloring and preservatives are extremely unhealthy and the culprits behind multiple life-threatening ailments. Soft drinks are loaded with unhealthy amounts of artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugar and calories, and they do not offer one iota of nutritional value.

Research reveals that one can of soda is brimming with around ten packets of sugar, and the majority of the most popularly consumed sugary drinks and diet sodas harm the dental enamel with the ferociousness of battery acid. We all believe that having one serving of our favorite sodas every once in a while won’t hurt us, but that’s not true at all.

Multiple studies have concluded that consuming only two sodas each week can increase the risk factors for suffering from pancreatic cancer at an alarming rate. You can pick out multiple healthier alternatives to sodas and fizzy drinks, for instance, fruit-flavored water, fruit juices, smoothies and much more.

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